"Who looks at a baby and names him Barrett?"
 - Howard Stern

Barrett Leddy is an actor, singer, voice actor, and writer based in New York City.

Barrett voices Akira Zaizen in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

Akira Zaizen


Barrett Records VO in Camrus Johnson's "Blue Bison"

Barrett can be heard in friend/collaborator Camrus Johnson's (CW's Batwoman) new thriller short "Blue Bison," as newscaster Walter Wallis.

Catch Barrett in DUEL LINKS!

Barrett voices a timid young duelist named "Theo" in Duel Links, Konami's massively popular digital card game based on the Yu-Gi-Oh series!

Catch Bread Barbershop, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video! Barrett stars as numerous characters such as Mint Donut, Milk Toast, Salmon Sushi, and more!

This contemporary middle-grade graphic novel, adapted for audio with a full cast production, about family and belonging from New York Times bestselling author Lucy Knisley is a perfect listen for fans of Awkward and Be Prepared.

Bread Barbershop reaches #10 on Netflix!

Bread Barbershop has landed on Netflix and recently cracked the Top 10 Watched Shows list! Barrett voices several recurring characters throughout the series, including Mint Donut, Milk Toast and Salmon Sushi!

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