"Who looks at a baby and names him Barrett?"
 - Howard Stern

Barrett Leddy is an actor, singer, voice actor, and writer based in New York City.

Barrett voices Akira Zaizen in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

Akira Zaizen


Barrett will narrate Fiber Fueled, an innovative new diet & nutrition book by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz. The audiobook will be released Jun 16, 2020. 

Barrett narrates CLEAN: The New Science of Skin by James Hamblin - coming July 21, 2020 from Penguin Audio.

Barrett makes his debut as Mint Donut in the new animated series, Bread Barbershop. Look for new episodes of Bread Barbershop every Friday on their official English YouTube channel! 

Performed by Jim Dale, Mark Aldrich, Barrett Leddy, Nick Sullivan, Brian Holden, Al Fallick, Lisa Livesay, Meredith Inglesby, Lynn Norris, John E. Brady, and Johnny Heller, published by HarperAudio.

Barrett lends his voice to the title role of Om Nom in Om Nom Stories: Super Noms! Check it out on YouTube!

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